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48,411336, 17,729224
48°24'40", 17°43'45"
48°24.68', 17°43.753'

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Europäisches Künstlerhaus Oberbayern - Schafhof - Anfahrtsmöglichkeiten

By public transport:
By the train or on the S1 to Freising station, then bus 620, stop 'Wettersteinring', follow the white signs in Plantagenweg or take the bus 630 to 'Plantagenweg', follow the white signs.

Train connections including the Freising city bus timetables are available from the Deutsche Bahn AG. There is also information online for Munich Airport, Munich public transport and Freising.

Autobahn A9 Junction 67 "Allershausen" towards Freising, on the outskirts of Freising make a left to Weihenstephaner Ring, and a left when you reach the city limit sign.

Autobahn A92 Junction 7 "Freising Mitte" towards Freising Stadtmitte (Center); at the train station (3rd traffic light) make a left towards Wippenhausen; crossing Saar- and Johannisstraße to the end of Wippenhauser Straße; there make a left towards Wippenhausen, and a right after 30 meters.

Arrival by plane:
From Munich airport take the bus 635 to Freising train station (about 15 min), then bus 620, get off at 'Wettersteinring', follow the white signs in the Plantagenweg or take the bus 630 to 'Plantagenweg', then follow the white signs (about 5 minutes).