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Zipora Rafaelov: Wolf and Lamb

Exhibition with large-format cutouts and an expansive light installation

01.10.2022 bis 27.11.2022

Zipora Rafaelov: Wolf and Lamb

The Israeli artist Zipora Rafaelov creates an exciting game of hide-and-seek using light and shadow with her large-format cutouts and a new installation in the barrel vault of the Schafhof.


1 October ‒ 27 November, 2022: Exhibition

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  • The exhibition spaces and Café Botanika are wheelchair accessible.
  • The exhibition and accompanying programs are admission free.
  • Participating in on-site events will be considered consent for inclusion in the video recordings in connection with the exhibition.
Zipora Rafaelov_Opening
Opening of the exhibition WOLF AND LAMB with artist Zipora Rafaelov. ... weiterlesen
In the exhibition WOLF AND LAMB Alexandra M. Hoffmann is available to visitors individually with explanations and interpretations. ... weiterlesen
Zipora Rafaelov:Kunst#Tag087_EN
Artist Talk with Zipora Rafaelov in the framework of her new exhibition WOLF AND LAMB. ... weiterlesen
Zipora Rafaelov_ Meetup+art_guided_tour
Guided tour of the exhibition WOLF AND LAMB with Alexandra M. Hoffmann ... weiterlesen

30 September, Friday 7 pm: EXHIBITION OPENING
Greetings: Josef Mederer, president of the District Council
Shuttle service from Freising station: 5.55 pm; return: 7.50 pm

3 October, Sunday 3 – 5 pm: meetup+art | Visitor Services
Alexandra M. Hoffmann is available to visitors individually with explanations and interpretations

23 October, Sunday 4 pm: KUNST#TAG 087 | Artist Talk
Artist talk with Zipora Rafaelov and guests
25 October, Tuesday 5 pm: meetup+art | Guided tour
Guided tour of the exhibition with Alexandra M. Hoffmann

About the exhibition

The Israeli, Germany-based artist Zipora Rafaelov presents two central aspects of her work in the barrel vault of the Schafhof where the artist has created a new installation. Placed on seven fan-shaped surfaces created from strings that span across the entire space, are numerous filigree motifs whose visual language transitions between representational and abstract depictions. The intriguing hide-and-seek of light and shadow is echoed in the floral forms and concealed human figures of the large-format cutouts (silhouettes) on display in the ground-floor gallery. The title "Wolf and Lamb" (Wolf und Lamm) loosely refers to the biblical passage Isaiah 11:6, which describes the coming "Kingdom of Peace." Zipora Rafaelov explores utopias and the peaceful balance of all elements, while always considering the possibility of conflict and unforeseen developments. 

There is much to discover in Zipora Rafaelov's works: a closer look reveals figures, animals, faces, characters emerging from abstract forms. Many of the symbols used are equally significant in all cultures of the Abrahamic religions. Thus, the number of fans in the barrel vault is a magic number, which is also reflected in the total of 147 strings of the installation. The components of the artwork play with multi-dimensionality, starting from the flat two-dimensionality of a drawing, which gains depth in the spatial layering and the use of light. The installation was created with a synthetic filament commonly used in three-dimensional printers, a technique which adds to the work's artistic tightrope walk, merging drawing, textile art, traditional and modern techniques, and opening up a broad field for artistic exploration.

More information about the artist: www.rafaelov.com



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