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Night Vision

The juxtaposition of painting and photography in the context of the year's theme enables a comparison of the artistic media in their search for the representation of light.

30.04.2022 bis 03.07.2022

Night Vision


30 April ‒ 26 June, 2022: Exhibition
Öffnungszeiten: Di-Sa 14-19 Uhr, So+Fei 10-19 Uhr und nach Vereinbarung
Die Ausstellungsräume und das Café sind barrierefrei zu erreichen.

29 April, Friday 7 pm: Exhibition Opening
Shuttle taxi from Freising station: 6.55 pm; return approx. 8.50 pm

  • Greetings: Rainer Schneider, vice president of the District Council
  • Introduction: Dr. Susanne Rockweiler, art historian, Munich

The exhibition will open together with the exhibition Another Place in the barrel vault on the 1st floor..
The opening will take place ON SITE and can be streamed ONLINE afterwards.

14 June, Tuesday 5 pm: meetup+art | Guided Tour
Guided tour of the exhibition with Alexandra M. Hoffmann

26. June, Saturday 2 - 5 pm

meetup+art Visitor Service Another Place Nachtsicht
In the exhibitions ANOTHER PLACE and NACHTSICHT Alexandra M. Hoffmann is available to visitors individually with explanations and interpretations. ... Weiter

Participating in on-site events will be considered consent for inclusion in the video recordings in connection with the exhibition.


Participating Artists

Dirk Pleyer
Martim Brion
Jürgen Bürgin



About the exhibitiong Night Vision

The title of the exhibition draws on the project that the Dortmund artist Dirk Pleyer developed for the Schafhof. His series of paintings, Nachtsichtbilder (Night Vision Images), is juxtaposed with two photographic positions: the abstracted images by the Portuguese, Munich-based artist Martim Brion, and the nocturnal city scenes by Berlin photographer Jürgen Bürgin.

The juxtaposition of painting and photography in the context of the year‘s theme enables a comparison of the artistic media in their search for the representation of light. Our fundamental experience of light and shadow is the alternation of day and night. Human visual perception is made possible by light, which is why darkness seems dangerous. Artificial light is used to reinterpret the environment.


About the Artists

Dirk Pleyer
Born in Recklinghausen in 1968, lives and works in Dortmund

"I am fascinated by the fact that a night vision device can detect things or living beings and that, on the other hand, there are living beings – e.g. in the deep sea – that leave traces of light and assert themselves in the darkness with amazing light strategies. In science, this is referred to as ‘bioluminescence’."

Martim Brion
born in Lissabon in 1986, lives and works in Münchenwww.martimbrion.com

Martim Brion’s work explores the aesthetic potential of color and form. Roxy P is a series of photographs of liquids taken with a strong lateral light source. The result is a kind of cloud figures that remain in constant motion due to the light.

Jürgen Bürgin
born in 1971, lives and works in Berlin

The photo series Urban Fever. Scene from City Live tells of the diversity of life in the big city in personal and emotionally charged images taken in Tokyo, New York, Berlin, Saigon, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Barcelona. A selection of nocturnal scenes will be shown in the exhibition.



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Die Ausstellungsräume und das Café sind barrierefrei zu erreichen.

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