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By the Rivers

Ute Mahler and Werner Mahler's photo project "By the Rivers" offers a poetic view of Europe along the continent's great rivers.

11.12.2021 bis 13.02.2022

By the Rivers


Exhibition period
11 December, 2021 to 13 February, 2022
Gallery on the ground floor

Change of program: Vernissage will not take place on site
10 December, 2021, Friday 7 p.m.: VERNISSAGE exclusively ONLINE.
Due to the pandemic situation, the exhibition opening will only take place online as a video stream this time.

  • Grußwort: Josef Mederer, Bezirkstagspräsident
  • Interview mit der Künstlerin Ute Mahler und dem Künstler Werner Mahler
  • Bilder aus der Ausstellung

The introduction of the publicist Wolfgang Kil will take place at the KUNST#TAG 083, if possible.

25 January, Tuesday 4 pm: meetup+art
Guided tour of the exhibition with Alexandra M. Hoffmann

30 January, Sunday 4 pm: KUNST#TAG 083 Artist Talk
The event KUNST#TAG takes place ON SPOT!
Shuttle taxi from Freising station (in front of the main entrance) to the art center: 3.50 om; return: approx. 6 pm

  • Introduction to the exhibition: Wolfgang Kil, architecture critic and publicist
  • Artist talk with Ute Mahler and Werner Mahler
  • Interlocutors: Wolfgang Kil and Dr. Björn Vedder, art historian and philosopher
  • Moderation: Eike Berg, Director of the Künstlerhaus

The exhibition spaces and Café Botanika are wheelchair accessible.
The exhibition and accompanying programs are admission free.
Participating in on-site events will be considered consent for inclusion in the video recordings in connection with the exhibition.


About the Exhibition By the Rivers

The concept of travel has a long tradition in Art History with landscape painting, city views, and portraits since the 17th century. Since the 20th century, technical visual media such as photography, film, and video have become a particularly adequate way for artists to document journeys and thus connect things that are geographically distant. The project "By the Rivers" offers a poetic view of Europe; the rivers serve as connecting lines regardless of national borders, along which the diversity of the continent is revealed.

„Every river flows into the sea. It is this trait that defines these bodies of water, some of them thousands of kilometers long, along which Ute Mahler and Werner Mahler have traveled. Rivers are natural phenomena, places of longing, lifelines. Rivers connect and separate, they are transportation routes and borders. And every river in Europe also carries memories of wars and crises.

Nevertheless, no matter where, whether on the Rhine or the Danube, on the Elbe, the Volga, Tagus or the Po, people are drawn to rivers. Life takes place on their banks; rest or distraction, defense and exchange, between cultures, religions, families, systems. And even though humans have tried time and again to impose their will on rivers, they never lose their power and their fascination.“ (Thomas Winkler)


About the artists

Ute Mahler and Werner Mahler are two outstanding German photographers who were among the photographers defining the style of the East during the GDR era. Today, as then, they translate their humanistic view of the world into a variety of impressive photographic projects. In 1990, they co-founded the photography agency OSTKREUZ in Berlin.


Annual theme 2021: Europa

The thematic focus of the year, ‘Europe‘ reflects on the manifold approaches and representations of Europe in contemporary art. ‘Europe’ as a topic represents an important point of reference for the European Center for Art of the District Council of Upper Bavaria. Europe is a motive in many ways: as geographic location, as shared history, as a question of identity, as a community of people.



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