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Alexis Dworsky: Mrgari_geo-digital stone blossoms

The project "Mrgari_geo-digital stone blossoms" documents and (re)constures structures of dry stone walls in Croatia; with digital means they are transformed and artistically further thought.

05.07.2023 until 17.09.2023

Alexis Dworsky: Mrgari_geo-digital stone blossoms


5 July ‒ 17 September 2023: Exhibition
Tuesday ‒ Saturday, 2 ‒ 7 pm; Sunday and holidays, 10 am ‒ 7 pm

  • The exhibition spaces and Café Botanika are wheelchair accessible.
  • The exhibition and accompanying programs are admission free.

Exhibition Opening: 4 July 2023, Tuesday 7 pm

About the exhibition

Alexis Dworsky is an internationally renowned artist from Freising, whose projects appeal to and inspire a wide audience with technical know-how, precise powers of observation and a great deal of humor.
His latest work "Mrgari - geo_digital stone blossoms" draws on this diversity and is also part of the multi-year international project "Gardening of Soul" under the project leadership of the University of Usti nad Labem (Czech Republic), in which the Schafhof also participates.
The exhibition in the gallery on the first floor of the Art Forum consists of the combination of various art media: 3D printing, photo, video, computer animation and text.
"On the Croatian coast and islands you can find numerous old dry stone walls called Gromača. On the island of Krk, they grew into conspicuous stone "blossoms" called mrgari, where sheep were kept. These structures once defined the landscape, but today they are visibly deteriorating and it is only a matter of time before they disappear altogether. I therefore use digital technologies to document, conserve and (re)construct them, but also to transform them artistically and to spin them further. By means of photogrammetry, a detailed virtual three-dimensional model is generated. In an exhibition, it can be walked through via VR or transferred back into physical space as a 3D print. The structure of the wall landscapes appears strangely organic, almost as if the walls had not been piled up at all, but had grown. The animation, i.e. the bringing to life of the stones, makes their movement apparent. In an exhibition situation, these stones are presented together with (time-lapse) films." (Alexis Dworsky)

About the Artist

Alexis Dworsky, born in 1976, is a conceptual artist and cultural scientist.
He (re)constructed a dinosaur from a roast rabbit and wrote a doctoral thesis on it; he drives around the world in Google Street View and gives travel lectures about it. He builds trim trails in the middle of the city and translates graffiti for the blind.
Dworsky lives and works in Freising, Linz and on the road. He is a professor of media design (teaching) at the University of Art in Linz.


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