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Throughout the year, exhibitions at the Schafhof present international and local positions in contemporary art. The spectrum includes all forms of visual arts, such as painting, video art, sculpture, photography, drawing, conceptual art, and installation. Group exhibitions with international and German artists, solo exhibitions with renowned artists and presentations of works by younger or regionally based artists take place in alternation. Applications are welcome.

Annual themes serve as common threads throughout the exhibition program, and facilitate an engagement with the exhibited works through a range of perspectives. A thematic emphasis also fosters a better understanding of art and a more enjoyable viewing experience. Certain themes emphasize formal aspects (for example, Color in 2013, Structure in 2015, and Sound in 2017), while others focus on specific concepts (for example Illusion in 2014, Identity in 2016, and Art and Science in 2019).

The Schafhof features a gallery on the ground floor and a large exhibition hall on the first floor, with a total exhibition space encompassing almost 450 square meters. The barrel vault ceiling and its unusual shape offer an atmosphere unique to the region and beyond.

Current and upcoming exhibitions

Vollrad Kutscher: Cinemaczz

Vollrad Kutscher is a German pioneer of media art. For the exhibition at Schafhof, Kutscher has develop a new series on the subject of the cinema with ten portraits of film stars that are being shown here for the first time.

Date :

09.04.2016 until 05.06.2016

Vollrad Kutscher: Cinemaczz
© Marco Einfeldt 


9. April - 5. Juni 2016


> Press meeting: 08.04.2016, Friday 3 pm

> VERNISSAGE: 08.04.2016, Friday 7 pm
Simon Schindlmayr, Bezirksrat des Bezirks Oberbayern
Michael Stoeber, Kunsthistoriker

> KUNST#TAG 038: 24.04.2016, Sunday 4 pm
Artist talk with Vollrad Kutscher and Dr. Björn Vedder, Moderation: Eike Berg

> treffpunkt+kunst: 3.05.2016, Tuesday 5 pm
Guided tour through the exhibition with Alexandra M. Hoffmann

Entry in the exhibitions is free.
The exhibition spaces and the café are accessible to the disabled.

About the exhibition

Schafhof - Ausstellung 2016 - Vollrad Kutscher: Cinemaczz

Leuchtende Vorbilder (Shining Examples)

“The portrait offers Vollrad Kutscher an ideal medium for his exploration of the subjects of human individuality and identity. Since the late 1980s he has invented a succession of new, surprising, and timely forms of expression for this traditional genre of art . . . . In his group portraits, Leuchtende Vorbilder (Shining Examples) and their predecessors, Live Peep Show, Vollrad Kutscher focuses on the individuality and identity of prominent personalities from the past in shadow projections and luminograms. Originally developed for an exhibition at the Museum Wiesbaden in 1990, Leuchtende Vorbilder is being adapted there ten years later as a site-specific installation.

(Volker Rattemeyer, Museum Wiesbaden)

For the exhibition at Schafhof, Kutscher has develop a new series on the subject of the cinema with ten portraits of film stars that are being shown here for the first time—including stars such as Judy Garland, Romy Schneider, Elizabeth Taylor, Buster Keaton, and John Wayne.

Kartoffelmovie (Potato Movie)

“Initial evidence of Kutscher's concern for the themes of ethics, aesthetics, and morality is found in works dating from the early 1980s, in which he explores questions that have been repeatedly raised and reformulated since Kant—questions upon which he casts new light in an age of skepticism towards traditional value systems and standards. This set of issues becomes increasingly central to his artistic interests in the 1990s.”

(Volker Rattemeyer, Museum Wiesbaden)

“The idea of potatoes came to me when I was working on a light installation for the exhibition Eine Höhle für Platon (A Cave for Plato). The weird relationship between two German philosophers is readily described by using our quite German material of the potato. The natural shrinking and hardening of the figures carved out of potatoes, which are locked in an eternal dialogue while rotating on a plate, provided a fitting visual detail within the installation as a whole. Kartoffelkino (Potato Cinema) was produced over a period of five months at the encouragement of my filmmaker friend Dieter Reifarth and as a recollection of the bronze works that I produced in 1968/70 as a kind of portrait of society.”

(Vollrad Kutscher)

About the artist

Vollrad Kutscher is a German pioneer of media art. As an artist, Vollrad Kutscher is a mediator between tradition and innovation. His themes revolve around self-affirmation, identity and individuality, ethics, aesthetics, and morality in an age of personal insecurity brought on by global change. How do we answer the questions about our origin and our destiny today? How do we see ourselves, and how do others see us? What values shape our lives, and how do we deal with our own inner conflicts?

The point of departure for Kutscher’s explorations into the relationship between the individual and society is the experience of multiplicity, ambiguity, and imperfection as fundamental conditions of human existence. His artistic media include staged spatial scenes and portrait installations, action, performance, language, light, and virtualit

(Volker Rattemeyer, Museum Wiesbaden)


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