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Wuthering Heights

The title has been borrowed from the novel by Emily Brontë, which describes feelings as inescapable forces of nature. The exhibition juxtaposes current works from the fields of painting and electronic images on the theme of emotion

Date :

01.09.2018 until 07.10.2018

Wuthering Heights


1 September ‒ 7 February 2018: Exhibition (ground floor exhibition until 14.10)
in the framework of the topic of the year: Emotion 

opening hours: Tu ‒ Sa 2‒7 pm, Su + holidays 10 am‒7 pm
Ikon barrierefrei The exhibition spaces and the café are accessible to the disabled.

31 August, Friday 7 pm: Exhibition opening
Shuttle bus from Freising Station to the House of Art: 6.30-7 pm; return: 8.50 pm

18 September, Tuesday 5 pm: meetup+art
Guided tour through the exhibition with A. M. Hoffmann

23 September, Sunday 3 pm: KUNST#TAG 061
artist‘s talk with participating artists and the curators
Eike Berg and Björn Vedder


About the exhibition

The title of the exhibition has been borrowed from the novel by Emily Brontë, which describes feelings as inescapable forces of nature. The exhibition juxtaposes current works from the fields of painting and electronic images.

In a similar manner to the group exhibition on identity (The Border is Open ..., 2016), the exhibition on the theme of emotion presents the approaches adopted by artists from Upper Bavaria, Germany and Europe. Artists' realisations of different aspects of this year's theme are presented through various artistic media. Looking at art history as a type of back-and-forth, alternately dominated by reason and feelings, what kind of age are we living in today? Does reason or emotion predominate? Breathtaking technological developments seemed to be heralding an age of natural laws, objectivity, and rational decisions, supported by the Internet, which can be accessed by everyone, and provides everyone with all manner of information – a knowledge society.

But things seem to have gone in a very different direction: In an age of fake news, it is becoming increasingly difficult to verify facts or convince people with the truth. Overwhelmed by the flood of information, we are allowing ourselves to be influenced by opinion, which is becoming incredibly easy to manipulate as technology spreads into our everyday lives. It is no coincidence that fundamentalist movements in all religions are becoming stronger, that populists are winning over people's hearts, and that we are cutting ourselves off from one another in virtual and real parallel worlds. The task of art has always been to question supposed truths, to draw people's attention to existentially challenging situations, to stimulate the senses in order to raise people’s awareness. In this new, emotional world, artists are seeking ways to depict, express, and reflect the storm of emotions.


Über die Künstler

Sturmhöhen, Schafhof 2018: Römer+Römer, Shower Tower


Shower Tower Oase
2014, oil/canvas, 200x 750 cm

The triptych does not only shows the particular painting technique of the artist couple but also the reflection of different medial technologies that is characteristic of their work as well as their interest in atmospheres and emotional sceneries.


Sturmhöhen,Schafhof 2018: AES+F, Inverso Mundus


Inverso Mundus
2015, HD videoinstallation

The Latin title hints at a reverse world, the tradition of carnivalesque images which is reinterpreted by the artist group. A distorting mirror to create a poetic vision to depict the absurd, the unreasonable and the inhumanity of reality.


Sturmhöhen, Schafhof 2018: Thomas Zitzwitz Sprayfarbe auf Leinwand

Thomas Zitzwitz

spraypaint on canvas, different sizes

Everything folds in its own way, the rope and the stick as well as colours, which separate out in accordance with the concavity and convexity of the ray of light... (Gilles Deleuze)


Sturmhöhen, Schafhof 2018: Adriane Wachholz, Doline

Adriane Wachholz

without titel (Doline) 2016, HD video, 5:10 min.

A crystalline, abstract image evokes a vague landscape in the mind. The pixels, continuously moving reflective surfaces, turn into geological formations which continuously collapse like a crater.

Opening hours


Winter (Nov-Feb)
Tue - Sat: 2 pm - 6 pm
Sun + holidays: 10 am - 7 pm

Summer (March-Oct)
Tue - Sat: 2 pm - 7 pm
Sun + holidays: 10 am - 7 pm


Das Titelbild des Flyers über die Kunstwerke im Skulpturengarten im Außenbereich des Schafhofs - Europäisches Künstlerhaus Oberbayern zeigt die Skluptur "SpaceSheep" des ungarischen Künstlers Csongor Szigeti, ein silbernes, halb abstraktes Schaf auf einer Wiese.
Brochure about the Sculpture Garden in the outdoor area of the Center for Art
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