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Throughout the year, exhibitions at the Schafhof present international and local positions in contemporary art. The spectrum includes all forms of visual arts, such as painting, video art, sculpture, photography, drawing, conceptual art, and installation. Group exhibitions with international and German artists, solo exhibitions with renowned artists and presentations of works by younger or regionally based artists take place in alternation. Applications are welcome.

Annual themes serve as common threads throughout the exhibition program, and facilitate an engagement with the exhibited works through a range of perspectives. A thematic emphasis also fosters a better understanding of art and a more enjoyable viewing experience. Certain themes emphasize formal aspects (for example, Color in 2013, Structure in 2015, and Sound in 2017), while others focus on specific concepts (for example Illusion in 2014, Identity in 2016, and Art and Science in 2019).

The Schafhof features a gallery on the ground floor and a large exhibition hall on the first floor, with a total exhibition space encompassing almost 450 square meters. The barrel vault ceiling and its unusual shape offer an atmosphere unique to the region and beyond.

Current and upcoming exhibitions

Prelude: Rhythm Section

The artist group Rhythm Section is comprised of contemporary artists from different fields of art, who specifically and intentionally deal with «rhythm» in their work.

Date :

20.02.2017 until 17.04.2017

Prelude: Rhythm Section


20 February ‒ 17 April, 2017: Exihibition in the vault on the 1st floor
in the framework of the topic of the year: Sound  

opening hours: Tu ‒ Sa 2‒7 pm, Su + holidays 10 am‒7 pm
Ikon barrierefrei The exhibition spaces and the café are accessible to the disabled.

19 February, Sunday: Symposium and exhibition opening

3 pm: KUNST#TAG 047 Symposium
Shuttle bus from Freising Station to the House of Art: 2.30 ‒ 2.50 pm:

Presentations by members and guests of Rhythm Section:

  • Rhythm of the Utopias, presentation by Ezgi Bakcay (art historian, Istanbul) ‒ in English language
  • The Role of Scanning and Kinesthestic Modes of Perception in Relation to Rhythm within the Visual Arts, presentation by Michael Wright (artist, London) ‒ in English language
  • Help Alive Inside. Im Innersten der Zeichnung, presentation by Veronika Wenger (artist, Munich) ‒ in German language 
  • Research of the Rhythm in Modern Art: International ­Collaborative Experience, presentation by Dmytro ­Goncharenko (curator, Kiew/Berlin) ‒ in German language

Shuttle bus from Freising Station to the House of Art: 5.30-5.50 pm; return: 7.45 pm 

  • Introduction: Jochen Meister, art mediator, Munich

7 March, Tuesday 5 pm: meetingpoint+art 

Guided tour through the exhibition with Alexandra M. Hoffmann - in German language, free entrance
English spoken tours can be ordered to be subject to a fee  

26 March, Sunday 3 pm: KUNST#TAG 048

  • The Beautiful Formula, presentation by Oleksiy Koval (artist, Munich) ‒ in German language
  • Artists‘ talk with participants of the Prelude exhibitions


View in the exhibition

Pictures: Marco Einfeldt, Christoph Dahlhausen


About the exhibition Prelude: Rhythm Section 

The artist group Rhythm Section is comprised of contemporary artists from different fields of art, who specifically and intentionally deal with “rhythm” in their work. The exchange and dynamic resulting from this combination of various approaches and media offers a range of new approaches to art today.

The group is currently engaged in the largest project so far of this kind, a cooperation between The Netherlands, Great Britain, Turkey, and Germany dedicated to “rhythm” in the visual arts. This project is aimed to foster a lively exchange between artists of different nationalities and help create an international network between these countries.

Rhythm is an essential subject matter, even if it has received very little attention in the field of visual art. Rhythm is not to be understood as a “specific” rhythm or as a formal or artistic category but as an unnamed fundamental condition of both experiencing and producing art. Rhythm is not only a series of signs and units of time but also the sequence of action that produce them.

In addition, as essential to the experience and reception of art, rhythm must be understood as a structuring and sensory category that guides conscious perception as a whole. Important is that “rhythm” does not serve as a category of depiction or representation. Thus the subject of our research paves the way for engaging with the theme of rhythm.

We have invited artists to take part who deal more or less explicitly and consciously with “rhythm” in their work. The exchange and dynamic that result from this kind of gathering of varying approaches offers new perspectives on the art of our times.

(Rhythm Section)

Participating artists 

Anneke Bosma, NL
Karina Bugayova, DE
Christoph Dahlhausen, DE
Alison Dalwood, GB
Mert Diner, TR
Ekmel Ertan, TR
Daniel Geiger, DE
Henriëtte van ‘t Hoog, NL
Gonghong Huang, CN
Oleksiy Koval, DE
Markus Krug, DE
Çağrı Saray, TR
Esra Sağlık, TR
İsfendiyar Söyler, TR
Nermin Ülker, TR
Veronika Wenger, DE
Michael Wright, GB

with many thanks to: Aysun Kilinç

Current projects of Rhythm Section 

Rhythm Section Offbeats, Karsi Sanat, Istanbul 
Boogie Woogie Rhythm Section, Arti Et Amicitiae, Amsterdam

Rhythm Section, 4Th Odessa Biennale Of Contemporary
Rhythm Section, Rhythm & Method, Vol Ii, Galerie Der Künstler, Munich

Rhythm Section, Center Of Contemporary Art, Tbilisi
Rhythm Section, Westpol A.i.r. Space, Leipzig
Rhythm Section Edition, Planparallel, Art Karlsruhe
Rhythm Section Gegen Die Wand, Lw44, Munich

Rhythm Section Edition, Planparallel, Berliner Liste
Rhythm Section, Rhythm And Method, Hubei Museum Of Art, Wuhan
Rhythm Section, Lw44 #07, Munich

Rhythm Section, Modern Art Research Institute, Kyiv
Rhythm Section, Zentrifuge, Nürnberg
Rhythm Section, Institute Of Contemporary Arts, Singapore

Rhythm Section Kiew – München, Lw44, Munich
Rhythm Section Sieben, Zurich
Rhythm Section Trifft Tada Und Steve Coleman, Berg

Rhythm Section Im Fruchthof, Munich

Opening hours


Winter (Nov-Feb)
Tue - Sat: 2 pm - 6 pm
Sun + holidays: 10 am - 7 pm

Summer (March-Oct)
Tue - Sat: 2 pm - 7 pm
Sun + holidays: 10 am - 7 pm


Das Titelbild des Flyers über die Kunstwerke im Skulpturengarten im Außenbereich des Schafhofs - Europäisches Künstlerhaus Oberbayern zeigt die Skluptur "SpaceSheep" des ungarischen Künstlers Csongor Szigeti, ein silbernes, halb abstraktes Schaf auf einer Wiese.
Brochure about the Sculpture Garden in the outdoor area of the Center for Art
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