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Julia Smirnova

Artist-in-Residence: Julia Smirnova; Focus /> Orléans, stay in Orléans in October and November 2022: Image: Collage with portrait of the artist Julia Smirnova in front of her works in the studio in Orléans and a view of the studio with works

Julia Smirnova,

lives and works in Munich
Stay in Orléans: October and November 2022

Artist-in-Residence: Julia Smirnova; Focus /> Orléans, stay in Orléans in October and November 2022: Image: View of the exhibition space in the residence in Orléans during the exhibition.

Julia Smirnova

"In my artistic development I have a photographic background. My photographic practice consists of finding the still life in a natural landscape. Part of the process is, that I observe a situation until an image is formed from what I find. Intuition helps me understand when I have found the right motive. This approach influences my further artistic development. For some years now I have been working on three-dimensional objects, drawings and audio still lifes. Just as I search for the right image in photography, I crochet on my copper wireworks until the right composition intuitively comes together. The drawings are small sketches that tie in with the theme of the theme of the objects and mainly arise unconsciously, as I am engaged with other activities parallel to drawing such as listening and looking.”

Dates in Freising

19:00 Uhr bis 21:00 Uhr
Opening of the exhibition Fragmented World | Focus Europe IV with participants of the European Art Fellowship of the District Council of Upper Bavaria (Bezirk Oberbayern) ... >>>
18.02.2023 - 10.04.2023
The exhibition presents the works of 10 artists who participated in the previous year's European Art Fellowship artist exchange of the District of Upper Bavaria. ... >>>



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