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Olexa Mann

Black and white portrait of artist Olexa Mann in front of several of his works in a studio.

Olexa Mann, born 1978 in Dnipro, Ukraine

lives and works in Uzhhorod, Ukraine
Stay in Freising: November and December 2022

Two of the pages of the work Codex by Ukrainian artist Olexa Mann against creamy white background.


Olexa Mann

Olexa Mann is a Ukrainian contemporary artist, painter, graphic artist, author of objects and installations, publicist and curator. He graduated from the Dnipropetrovsk College of Arts (1991-1996) and the Lviv National Academy of Arts (1996-2002). He works in the urban art direction, creating his own visual language inherent in today's aggressive environment.

Author of the projects "ZombieLand", "New Anthropology", "Bestiary", "Call the God of the Revolution", "New Middle Ages", "Black Period", "Motives for the Thriller" and "Codex". Olexa Mann's works are included in the anthologies of Ukrainian contemporary art "25 Years of Presence" (ArtHuss, 2016) and "30 Years of Presence" (ArtHuss, 2021). He is a articipant of about 100 exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad.

The founder of the countercultural artistic group "Bacteria" and the author of its manifesto. He was one of the founders and active participants of the "Art Barbican", which arose as a platform of countercultural resistance during the Revolution of Dignity.

Olexa Mann's works are in private collections and museums in Ukraine, Austria, France, Germany, Japan, the USA and Canada.


Dates in Freising

19:00 Uhr bis 21:00 Uhr
Opening of the exhibition Fragmented World | Focus Europe IV with participants of the European Art Fellowship of the District Council of Upper Bavaria (Bezirk Oberbayern) ... >>>
18.02.2023 - 10.04.2023
The exhibition presents the works of 10 artists who participated in the previous year's European Art Fellowship artist exchange of the District of Upper Bavaria. ... >>>
18:00 Uhr bis 21:00 Uhr
Presentation and talk with three artists from Ukraine in the barrel vault ... >>>



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