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Carmen Toscano

Residency program Schafhof; Artists 2022: Carmen Toscano. Portrait of the Italian artist Carmen Toscano. Color scheme: black and white portrait with red lips, orange and turquoise blouse.

Carmen Toscano,
lives and works in Bari

Stay at Schafhof: March 2022

Schafhof Residency Program; Artists 2022: Carmen Toscano. Italian artist Carmen Toscano is seen working on a watercolor painting. She can be seen leaning over the painting from an angle.

Artist Carmen Toscano at work in the studio.

Carmen Toscano

Carmen Toscano, after graduating in Biology, decides to follow the dream of art that has constantly accompanied her since her youth, and since 2005 she has definitely embarked on her artistic path. Carmen Toscano, a versatile artist, prefers in her artistic expressions forms that intertwine with others, poetry, the power of color and gesture, always looking for dream-like atmospheres where the eye of the beholder is free in search of shapes, spaces and volumes.

She is an artist who loves experimenting in all the forms of expression with which she deals; besides painting, she expresses herself with photography and ceramics and collaborates in the creation of video art.

Since 2005 she has been exhibiting at exhibitions in Italy and abroad. Among her exhibitions are the Sedam Dana Stvranja"- International Festival of Creativity in Pazin-Croatia, Gallery Tigor, Buje-Croatia, Gallery Group69, Zagreb-Croatia, Art Gallery under the road - Bari "Xchange New York artists compared with Italian artists", "Arte Padova 2018", "Segni Cromie Forme", Collection/Gallery Area Contesa Roma via Margutta.

From 2012 until today she has made many recordings for video art and music videos with Miguel Gomez, Stefano del Sole, Daniele Casolino and Piernicola dalla Zeta.

"For me art is the liberation of the soul, a constant dialogue between our own soul and the world around us, a balance of shapes and colors, emotions.

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Das Titelbild des Flyers über die Kunstwerke im Skulpturengarten im Außenbereich des Schafhofs - Europäisches Künstlerhaus Oberbayern zeigt die Skluptur "SpaceSheep" des ungarischen Künstlers Csongor Szigeti, ein silbernes, halb abstraktes Schaf auf einer Wiese.
Flyer über den Skulpturengarten im Außenbereich des Kunstforums
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