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Memory and emotion - These works by artists from three countries revolve around structures for preserving cultural memories in objects, images and media.

24.02.2018 bis 02.04.2018



24 February ‒ 02 April 2018: Exhibition (ground floor exhibition until 08/04)
in the framework of the topic of the year: Emotion

opening hours: Tu ‒ Sa 2‒7 pm, Su + holidays 10 am‒7 pm
The exhibition spaces and the café are accessible to the disabled.

23 February, Friday 7 pm: Exhibition opening
Greeting: Josef Mederer, president of the District County
Introduction: Tamás Török, director of the Budapest Gallery
Shuttle bus from Freising Station to the House of Art: 6.55 pm; return: 8.50 pm

13 March, Tuesday 5 pm: meetingpoint+art
Guided tour through the exhibition with Alexandra M. Hoffmann

18 March, Sunday 3 pm: KUNST#TAG 057
Artist talk with scholarship holders of the artist-in-residence programmes Transfer > Rome and Transfer > Budapest

About the exhibition

Participating artists:

Thomas Berra (IT)
Elke Dreier (DE)
Angela Geisenhofer (DE)
Corinna Gosmaro (IT)
Analía Martínez (DE)
Ádám Szabó (HU)

Memory and emotion – These works by artists from three countries revolve around structures for preserving cultural memories in objects, images and media. Memory shapes our identity, changes, leaves its mark and shapes our longings. Memory provides cultural roots with emotional depth and shapes our collective subconscious. The artists offer widely varied perspectives on a topic that is very difficult to grasp.

The goal of this European artists' exchange, run by the district of Upper Bavaria, is to consolidate cultural relations between the countries of the European Community and to enrich the regional and Upper Bavarian cultural scene through a partnership. The Memotion exhibition is made up of works by the artists who participated in the exchange programmes with the Fondazione Pastificio Cerere in Rome and the Budapest Municipal Gallery in Budapest in autumn 2017.


A view in the exhibition


About the artists

Thomas Berra

Born in Desio in 1986, lives and works in Milan

Transfer Rom: Thomas Berra Portrait

Transfer Rom: Thomas Berra: Franco Renata

Thomas Berra (Desio, Italy, 1986) has been experimenting with multiple media during the course of his artistic research: from installation to painting, through various expressive modes. Over the last two years he focuses on painting, experimenting with a refined and wild language that draws from the world of graffiti, to the lyricism of Henri Rousseau's two-dimensional detailing painting.

Until 2012: Academy of Fine Arts of Brera
Born in Desio in 1986, lives and works in Milan


Elke Dreier

born in Memmingen in 1984, lives and works in Munich


Elke Dreier Portrait

dreier asking a plant

In my work as an artist I focus on isolating the daily processes of communication and movement from their immediate surroundings and subsequently restaging them in video installations. I investigate body language in the context of permanent interaction through the development of systems of notation and choreography. I am interested in how human beings are situated in a digitalized world at the same time being faced with the limitations of the body, the knowledge of said body as well as the impossibility of positioning oneself. The spatial installation of the works is essential for the reflection in a common space.

  • 2008 Studies in sculpture with professor Nikolaus Gerhart, Academy of Fine Arts in Munich
  • 2011 Studies in sculpture and basics three-dimensional design with professor Olaf Nicolai
  • since 2014 Meisterschülerin professor Olaf Nicolai
  • 2015 Diplom, Academy of Fine Arts in Munich


Angela Geisenhofer

Born in Munich in 1982, lives and works in Munich

Transfer Budapest: Angela Geisenhofer Portrait

Transfer Budapest: Angela Geisenhofer

My Body is a fortress, but I´m living in a head.

In an almost reflexive form of automatism, Angela Geisenhofer records sensory impressions and turns them into a visual imagery with neither explanatory nor instructive qualities. Through the materials and surface characteristics of the media she selects for her images, and by employing special techniques, she deprives each segment of the image of its originality and significance and gives it a different, unreal inner life.

2005 – 2012 Studied under Professor Markus Oehlen at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich


Corinna Gosmaro

Born in Turin in 1987, lives and works in Turin and Rome

Transfer > Rome: Corinna Gosmaro

Transfer > Rome: Corinna Gosmaro: Baggages, 2016, installation: oil and spray paint on polyester, filter, variable dimension

The work of Corinna Gosmaro focuses on reflections about the human being as a global entity and his/her timeless characteristics. The practice is based on the expression of a cognitive and psychophysical process activated through the interactions with the environment. Going back and forth on the border between painting and sculpture, the work draws this journey throughout the history of our culture. The possibility of engaging different patterns elucidating the distinction between the work and its display represents another step further in the artist’s work.


  • 2015 MA, Accademia Albertina de Belle Arti, Turin
  • 2015 BA, Accademia Albertina de Belle Arti, Turin


Analía Martínez

born in Buenos Aires in 1986, lives and works in Munich

alina martinez portrait

alina martinez kunst

Analía Martínez devotes herself to representational motifs collated from a huge range of environments. In her paintings, the viewer's glance is immediately drawn towards the interior. Changes in colour defamiliarise the spaces in her pictures and thus challenge any supposed intimacy or usual interpretation of the situation portrayed.
Her printmaking work is an artistic investigation into the connections between painting and the reproducibility of prints. Consequently, the resulting works do not fit into any original, historical or social context and shake off the bonds of pre-existing knowledge.

2015 Diploma, Academy of Fine Arts in Munich
2010-15 Studies in Paiting with professor Anke Doberauer, Academy of Fine Arts in Munich
2005-10 Studies in Fine Art, Complutense University, Madrid


Ádám Szabó

Born in 1972 in Budapest, lives and works in Budapest

Transfer Budapest: Adam Szabo Portrai

Transfer Budapest: Adam Szabo: Mountain

From the beginning I was interested in the processes of sculpture: as I worked on one piece I took photographs of the stages of the work and created an animation from these pictures and usually exhibited the finished object together with the animation. However, the animations very soon started to represent something more or else than simply the working process. Thus I became obsessed by incorporating time into sculpture, working with time itself as a material.
In the past few years this interest in time led me to works about smoke, mist and fog. What really caught me is the strange relation between a solid block of stone, metal or wood piece and a seemingly no-form cloud or smoke made out of wool or synthetic fibers; the relation between the ever changing and ephemeral and the closed, stable and visibly heavy; the infinite and the finite.

2001-04 DLA-Programm, Hungarian Akademy of Fine Arts, Budapest
1995-96 Study of Sculpture, Slippery Rock University, Pennsylvania
1993-99 Study of Sculpture, Hungarian Akademy of Fine Arts, Budapest



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Das Titelbild des Flyers über die Kunstwerke im Skulpturengarten im Außenbereich des Schafhofs - Europäisches Künstlerhaus Oberbayern zeigt die Skluptur "SpaceSheep" des ungarischen Künstlers Csongor Szigeti, ein silbernes, halb abstraktes Schaf auf einer Wiese.
Flyer über den Skulpturengarten im Außenbereich des Kunstforums
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