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Fragmented World | Focus > Europe IV

The exhibition presents the works of 10 artists who participated in the previous year's European Art Fellowship artist exchange of the District of Upper Bavaria.

Date :

18.02.2023 until 10.04.2023

Fragmented World | Focus > Europe IV


18 February ‒ 10 April 2023: Exhibition
The exhibition spaces and Café Botanika are wheelchair accessible.
The exhibition and accompanying programs are admission free.

Opening of the exhibition Fragmented World | Focus Europe IV with participants of the European Art Fellowship of the District Council of Upper Bavaria (Bezirk Oberbayern) ... weiterlesen
artist talk in the framework of the exhibition Fragmented World | Fokus > Europe IV ... weiterlesen
Guided tour of the exhibition Fragmented World Focus > Europe IV with Alexandra M. Hoffmann ... weiterlesen

Participating artists

Maria Berauer (OBB in AT)
Miguel Gomez (IT)
Valerie Leray (FR)
Robert Keil (OBB in HU)
Anna Kostiuk (UA)
Olexa Mann (UA)
Oleksandr Sirous (UA)
Julia Smirnova (OBB in FR)
Carmen Toscano (IT)
Ádám Varga (HU)

About the exhibition FRAGMENTED WORLD

The title Fragmented World refers to the political situation in the world and the social fragmentation, which manifests itself in the digital networks as well. Artists implement doubts and uncertainties in very different ways: With expressive drawings, associative
collages, thoughtful photographs, illusionistic paintings, sensitive abstraction, and conceptual installations.

The exhibition Focus Europe IV presents 10 participating artists of the residency programs 2021 and 2022. The presentation includes a wide variety of artistic positions and media, inviting visitors to an exciting parcours of artworks in the exhibition spaces of the Center for Art.

The exhibition is at the same time a review of two years of artistic engagement with the corona pandemic and bears witness to this emotional time. Despite many difficulties, the District of Upper Bavaria succeeded in maintaining the European artist exchange even under difficult conditions.

The aim of the European artist exchange is to strengthen cultural relations between European countries through partnerships and to enrich the Upper Bavarian art scene. As cultural ambassadors, the artists create connections to and between people of different regions and cultures through their sensibility and their works.

Exhibition Focus > Europe IV | Fragmented World; view of the gallery on the ground floor: On view from the left: three works by the artist Valérie Leray (two photographs and one anthotype work), matrix of works from the rawCAD series by Ádám Varga on a long wall in the background; framed comics by the artist Olexa Mann on free-standing wall in the room.
View of the Gallery on the ground floor

Exhibition Focus > Europe IV | Fragmented World; Image: View of the barrel vault from the entrance to the exhibition space on the upper floor. To be seen from the left: Video "Human" by Anna Kostiuk on a wall in the room, in the background: multi-media installation by the artist Oleksandr Sirous and video "Triade" by Maria Berauer; on the right on a wall in the room are works by Miguel Gomez.
View of the barrel vault on the first floor

Opening hours


Winter (Nov-Feb)
Tue - Sat: 2 pm - 6 pm
Sun + holidays: 10 am - 7 pm

Summer (March-Oct)
Tue - Sat: 2 pm - 7 pm
Sun + holidays: 10 am - 7 pm


Das Titelbild des Flyers über die Kunstwerke im Skulpturengarten im Außenbereich des Schafhofs - Europäisches Künstlerhaus Oberbayern zeigt die Skluptur "SpaceSheep" des ungarischen Künstlers Csongor Szigeti, ein silbernes, halb abstraktes Schaf auf einer Wiese.
Brochure about the Sculpture Garden in the outdoor area of the Center for Art
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