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Focus > Travneve

The artist-in-residence project Focus > Travneve takes place in the framework of the European Art Scholarship of the District County of Upper Bavaria. Partner of the cooperation is the Nazar Voitivich Art Residence / Ukraine .

Date :

01.06.2019 until 31.12.2024

Focus > Travneve


The goal of the European artist exchange of the District County of Upper Bavaria is to consolidate the cultural relations between countries of the European community by a partnership and to enrich the regional as well as the Upper Bavarian cultural scene.

The artist exchange with the Nazar Voitivich Art Residence in the Ternopil region started in July, 2019. Two artists each from the Ukraine and from Upper Bavaria are living and working for each 1 month in the respective partner country. NVAIR is supported by UFC (Ukrainian Culture Foundation).



AIR Vitaliy Agapeyev Work
03.09.2019 - 02.10.2019
Artist from Kiev, residency at Schafhof 2019 in the Framework of Transfer > Travneve / Ukraine ... >>>
AIR Tanja Bohuslavska Portrait
29.08.2019 - 28.09.2019
Artist from Kiev, residency at Schafhof 2019 in the Framework of Transfer > Travneve / Ukraine ... >>>
AIR Daniel Door Work
01.08.2019 - 31.08.2019
Artist from Munich, residency in Travneve 2019 (Focus > Travneve / Ukraine), residency in Slovenj Gradec 2013 (Transfer > Slovenia I) ... >>>


July / August 2019
Artist-in-residence of the artists from Upper Bavaria in Kharkiv

Autumn 2019 
Artist-in-residence of th artists from the Ukraine in Freising



During history Ukraine has undergone many cultural and political changes, this change is probably the most characteristic feature that is reflected in the visual environment of cities, towns and villages. Changes have created special values that the communities live in. This is a multicultural and multinational country, especially in the West, it is here a residence that appeared in honor of the youngest hero of the Revolution of Dignity. This project aims to develop creative youth and help to find bridges for communication between European youth, to jointly create new narratives in the modern Ukrainian context.


This year we want to find topics that are relevant in the global in European context and are reflected on the local level. Our center is working with communication, ecology and values, we talk about important topics and through art we are looking for solutions and opportunities for the display of hidden meanings.

We are interested in residents from Germany, who are ready to work in NVAIR Residence together with Ukrainian artists. That is, we would like to invite two artists from Germany and two artists from Ukraine to work simultaneously and exchange experience and, together, plunge into the context of the country, location and, together with the curator, planned a joint presentation. Language of residence is Ukrainian, English, Russian.


Accommodation, studio, meals, transfers from Lviv Airport (LVO), reimbursement of the flight (economy class), and also provide 300 Euros for the production of each resident. During the project, each artist will receive support from the curator and mentor. At the end of the program we will organize a presentation in Ternopil in the gallery of contemporary art Bunkermuz, in September, the projects will be presented in Kyiv. The application should consist of three PDF in English

Workshops and other spaces

  • ceramic studio with an oven with a camera 450х400х400, a mechanical potter's circle, two workstations (table + chair);
  • graphic studio with a press for manual printing with a width of 400 mm plate, two workstations (table + chair)
  • multi-studio with a screen and a projector, easels (10 pcs), a recreation area with a library.


Location In the village Travneve where the house is, there are grocery stores, we can buy fresh dairy products, vegetables, honey, eggs in locals. The nearest supermarket in the town Zbarazh is 6 km from the residence. The Ternopil city is 17 km away, where artist can buy artistic materials and find any services, necessary for the implementation of projects. Nearest airport Lviv (LVO), 120 km. The area of the house is 300 m2, the house has already been renovated and the necessary communications are installed. We have very modest conditions, but to work on the project is very comfortable. The house has 4 bedrooms, a shared kitchen and a bathroom with shower and a washing machine. The house has a free wi-fi.

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Booklet about the AIR-Program
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The artist-in-residence program takes place in the framework of the European Art Fellowship of the District Council of Upper Bavaria.

During the stay of the guest artists in Freising presentations and open studio days provide the possibility to meet with and know more about the artists. There is always the option to arrange individual visits and meetings as well.